January 2018





“The SU 29 flew for the first time in 1991. He made his world championship debut in Le Havre (FR) in 1992. His structure is composed of more than 60% of composite materials. Its roll rate is greater than 360° second with a load factor of + 12 G - 10 G. It is very spectacular in airshows.”

Hervé de BRUS

February 2018



FOKKER DR1 triplan

“Designed during the First World War, he won many German victories. Very handy with exceptional performance for the time: 
185 km/h, ceiling 6000 m and a flying range of 300 km. 
He was armed with 2 machine guns with 500 cartridges each. 
The celebrity of Baron von Richthofen, better known under the pseudonym of Baron Rouge, because his plane was painted in red, is linked to that of the triplane.”

Hervé de BRUS

March 2018




“Designed in 1934 for training and aerobatics, the Stampe SV4 is an airplane created by 2 Belgian engineers Jean Stampe and Maurice Vertongen (SV). 
In 1947 the Ministry of the Air creates a squadron of presentation equipped with 12 Stamps. This patrol will give birth to the Patrouille de France in 1953. The photographed plane is a very beautiful restoration. ”

Hervé de BRUS

April 2018



Pitts S2A

“The Pitts is a biplane aerobatic aircraft designed by Curtis Pitts in 1944. He dominated all the competitions in the 60s and 70s. He remains to this day a very powerful plane. This model is equipped with a 200 hp engine, but many variants exist.”

Hervé de BRUS

May 2018




“This World War I fighter was also used as a bomber (4 11.3 kg bombs). In 1917 the Pup arrived for the first time in the world to land on an aircraft carrier.”

Hervé de BRUS

June 2018



AVA 432

“Always acrobatic aircraft TOTAL, piloted by Régis Alajouanine at his flying school AVA, in vertical aerobatics course Montluçon Guéret.”

Hervé de BRUS

July 2018



“This fighter embedded bomber built by Douglas, participated after the Second World War in many missions, Korean War, Algeria, Vietnam. Impressive in size and weight of 8180 kg with armament, it was one of the last single-piston engines used by modern armies."

Hervé de BRUS

august 2018



ZLIN 526 F

“This aerobatic aircraft served as a training aircraft in many flying schools during the 70's. Very pleasant to drive, it also exists in a single-seater version intended for racing.”

September 2018



YAK 18 T

“The Yak 18 is a 4 to 5 seater utility plane and acrobatic. This model was intended to train the pilots of the former USSR, it is powered by a star engine of 360 or 400 hp, depending on the version.”

Hervé de BRUS

october 2018




“First French modern fighter plane. Powered by an 860hp Hispano-Suiza V12 engine, he is the first fighter to exceed 400 KM / h. Commissioning 1938.”

Hervé de BRUS

november 2018




“This racer designed by an amateur builder, destined for pylon races, is without doubt one of the fastest in its category. The results are promising, 450 km / h in a straight line with 100 hp.”

Hervé de BRUS

December 2018




“The weather is not always favorable in aeronautics there are certain days that one appreciates, with this Stearman.”

Hervé de BRUS