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By ensuring that the laws, regulations and cultures of all the territories where it is present are strictly respected, the Group clearly states its ethical commitment by the terms of its Code of Conduct which is applicable to all fields of activity.Total is therefore conscious of its social and environmental responsibility and wishes to be one of the civil society partners in its collective sustainable development ambition. 

The TOTAL AVIATION quality label contributes to the common effort by regularly reaffirming its commitment to human Health, the Safety of the activities and respecting the Environment by making the transport of its products as safe as possible and by respecting the most stringent standards in its processes, its logistics and in the product delivered.

All in all, more than 300 airlines trust in TOTAL AVIATION.

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Total in cooperation with AIRBUS program launched in 2016 a  program to supply bio-jet fuel in Toulouse plant for the delivery flights of A 350.  The  bio-jet fuel is made from renewable raw materials.

Farnesane is mixed with conventional Jet fuel at a ratio of up to 10%. It has been demonstrated after engine tests and flight tests that it is a reliable fuel in commercial applications.

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has issued a revised standard which now includes the use of renewable farnesane as a blending component in jet fuels for commercial aviation.

Prior this significate development, the fuel has been tested by major commercial airlines such as Air FRANCE (Lab line program from Toulouse to Paris), ETIHAD and LUFTHANSA.

The Airbus program started with CATHAY Pacific (since the beginning in 2016, 26 planes have been refueled), as a result of the success ot this operation, China airlines and Iberia have the join the program for their A 350 delivery flights.

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